KXCO White Label

KXCO is your partner of choice for white label blockchain solutions.

KXCO White Label

KXCO is your partner of choice for white label blockchain solutions.

Adoption of blockchain is increasing around the world as it advances trust, safety, transparency and the traceability of transactional data shared across a network.

However, developing a proprietary blockchain requires resources, technical know-how and takes time.

KXCO offers customers white label blockchain solutions that give them instant access to blockchain applications which will transform and improve their existing workflow and processes and only require customization to Clients’ requirements

  • Rapid Plug & Play Implementation

    By using our existing blockchain infrastructure, Clients save valuable development time and can start using blockchain applications within a few days right away.

  • No technical Knowledge required

    Developing a blockchain application from the beginning requires expert knowledge and developers which are scarce these days. KXCO has gone through the development phase and has completed all technical aspects required to deploy its blockchain technology.

  • Cost-effective

    Using KXCO’s white label blockchain solutions saves time and is significantly cheaper.

  • Highly secured

    KXCO’s white label blockchain solution are built to the highest security standards with advanced features ensuring full security of data, redundancy systems and servers spread across multiple geographies.

  • Fully customizable

    The KXCO Blockchain was built to allow full customization in UX/UI and the ability to offer fully private, fully public as well as hybrid structures to suit our client’s business and branding requirements.

  • Modular & Cross-Chain Capabilities

    The KXCO solutions ensure cross-chain capabilities and integrate with multiple crypto wallets enabling the clients to provide a wide range of options to their users