Simple Earn

KXCO Is A Leading Principal Trading Firm.

Protected Products, Get stable earnings by depositing assets

Simple Earn

KXCO Simple Way To Deposit & Earn With The Mission To Create A Better Financial Future For Our Members. Simple Earn optimizes profits in the emerging crypto market by removing the need for third parties and allows you to allocate your funds directly to the trading desk.


  • Traders

    Real Traders Monitoring Markets 24/7. Our traders have a firm understanding of all financial markets, we understand the crypto market behaviors are most similar to penny stocks which we have a long history in, starting back in 1982.

  • Trust

    Founded in London England in 1982, our team brings you decades of experience from top financial companies globally.

  • Clients First

    We always put you as a client first. Our focus is to create a long-term partnership with you and do our best to make you satisfied.

  • Excellence

    We invest a substantial amount of resources in solid proprietary research to bring you top-quality investment products.

  • Beat Inflation

    KXCO Simple Earn allows users to outpace inflation rates by receiving more than 100x the average national interest rate.