KXCO Armature

The KXCO Armature blockchain developed to handle complex financial transactions

Who we are

New Frontiers of Blockchain Technology and solutions

KXCO is a hybrid proprietary Layer 1 Blockchain built by bankers and traders with a focus on speed, regulatory inclusion and cross-chain capabilities which includes advanced exchange features.

  • Web3 Development

    We help customers create and operate their new virtual spaces where they can extend, enhance and engage with their users – be they customers, employees, clients or much more.

  • White Label

    KXCO offers customers White Label blockchain solutions and gives them instant access to the blockchain applications which will transform and improve their existing workflow and processes and only require customization to clients' requirement.


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Blockchain Based Services

Specially built Layer 1 Blockchain designed from the ground up for financial services.

KXCO is your partner of choice for whitelabel blockchain solutions with our advanced network.

KXCO is a hybrid fully gamified exchange, which includes the best features of both CEX and DEX.

Join for exclusive securitization of stocks, bonds and other digital assets on the blockchain.

Customer satisfaction

Our professional customer support team can assist you with whatever you need. From solid financial advice to resetting your password upon request.

Institutional Grade Services

Our Digital Banking Products have already been tested and deployed by Banks in various Countries.

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Our mission is to create a unique ecosystem
for the financial savvy user

Our operations span across the entire blockchain value chain centered around our KXCO Blockchain. We act as expert traders, liquidity providers, structure serious DeFi products, miners & validators and offer Financial, Blockchain & Metaverse infrastructure and educational services to our clients and users.

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