Token Creation

Since blockchain projects are based on sophisticated technologies and come with proprietary financial models, a whitepaper is essential because it explains all these subtleties clearly. It describes how a project works and explains the tokenomics model.

What is tokenomics? This is a mechanism that defines how a certain token is functioning and how all related processes are organized. This is what describes the coin’s qualities making it appealing for investors. Also, tokenomics defines such factors as the total number of coins, fees, allocation policy, and so on.

In a tokenomics whitepaper, potential investors and users can find such aspects as:

Token Model. It can be deflationary or inflationary. In the second case, the maximum supply of a token can be increased. The first one is used for Bitcoin, which is limited to 21 mln coins.

Token Distribution. Tokens can be pre-mined or released during the launch. In the best tokenomics, readers can find how tokens are mined, earned, owned, and governed by the community.

Token Supply. Each project defines the total amount of tokens from the start. In tokenomics, circulating, total, and maximum supply can be defined.

Technical Subtleties of the project. In this section, developers describe how things work in their platform, define the protocols used in the blockchain, and which problems their project addresses.

In later versions of tokenomics, crypto market cap and renewed distribution mechanics can also be mentioned. It gives investors an idea of the project's perspectives and future profits they can make.

Cryptocurrency tokenomics justifies the economic point of a token. The demand for it will define its liquidity, cost, and popularity. That’s why this document should present a platform and its token in a favorable light.

We assist in developing key tokenomics points for your blockchain project

We help crypto projects make a bright start. Over several years, our team has helped dozens of startups through the preparation and release of their native coins. We craft token promotion strategies and consult clients on tokenomics development. Our team provides support at all stages:

  • Formation of tokenomics
  • Token release, ICO/IDO, listing
  • White paper marketing and token promotion


Pre-sales are beneficial for investors and developers alike, especially if the project does well and sees quick adoption. Crypto pre-sales act as crowdfunding vehicles; they provide developers with the necessary funds to see the project through. For investors, it is an opportunity to enter a cryptocurrency before it hits the market and appreciates.

Pre-sales also help developers spread the word about their projects and garner more attention from a marketing perspective. The event plays a crucial role in luring investors when the ICO goes live.

Pre-sales have been around since 2009, when Bitcoin, the world’s first and oldest cryptocurrency, was launched. It was a golden egg for investors who entered back then and held on to their currency for over a decade. Most of them have made it to the millionaires’ list.


Knights understand that issuers need to raise capital through the Crypto market and that can be an ongoing process as the project is built out.

Offering Crypto/NFTs to the Crypto market enables the issuer to raise more capital than they would as a privately. From the investor's perspective, the opportunity to buy early with the potential to grow into a larger, more profitable Crypto/NFTs.

At Knights we can onboard and manage, restricted offerings, leak-out provisions, secondary offerings and more.

The mechanics are simple

  • The issuer creates an account and deposits the digital asset.
  • The Issuer sets the rules, 20% - 30% is retained for buy backs and the balance of the sales are used for funding.
  • Monthly report on what has been sold and Crypto/NFTs progress is given to holders.
  • Knights grade the progress month to month on an A+++ to an F

This is a clear and transparent process that removes a lot of the FUD, accusations of Rugpulls, questions about marketing wallet sales or insider sales are all removed.

There are no magic slippage costs, no excessive fees, this is a straightforward easy to understand process that gives issuers and investors the best chance of being successful.

Knights aims to provide more access to crypto/NFTs and make the best efforts to list ALL digital assets, but we prioritize high-quality digital assets, we also divide the listings in to Categories, Knights Compliant and Non-Reporting. Therefore, token listing on Knights goes through rigorous due diligence to classify it properly.

To get your digital assets listed on Knights, here are some tips from the Knights.

How to apply to list on Knights?

You can fill in the online application form for direct listing on Knights, Launchpad/Launchpool is by invitation after the listing information is reviewed.

You will notice on the form it is not a tick this box approach, real people will look at it and if need be help you formulate an acceptable plan, this is not a machine, this is a group of dedicated digital asset specialists.

The difference is that direct listing and Launchpool are open to projects that either have tokens circulating on the market or don’t have a coin issued yet, whereas Launchpad is limited to projects that are relatively earlier stage and have not yet held a token generation event.

Please make sure that you include all the information you wish to communicate with us in the form. Please also note that we require the project founder or CEO to fill out the application, as we need to speak to the key person of the project when we encounter any issues with the listing.

Please wait patiently after applying as it needs to go through rigorous due diligence. To speed up the process, please be responsive and professional during the evaluation, never lie to us, we will find out.

What do you need to do to get your project listed?

Update your project progress to the community and us regularly (i.e., weekly or monthly). This is required even after listing on Knights;

Support Knights in your community.

Important notes

YOU CAN ask our team for a status update on your application;

YOU CAN ask for a contact person. We allow projects to contact our review team we do not fear biased influence or potential bribery attempts because only Knights will ever work here;

If you want to SHILL, go ahead, you should be excited about your project on Twitter/social media/chat. You should provide regular status updates to us through the Knights listing application form (i.e., weekly);

Please note that even though your project might not be listed now, we may reconsider your application in the future when we see improvements from your project.

Who will contact you after applying?

If your project passes our initial review, a dedicated Knight will be in touch.

You can also verify whether a contact you are speaking with is an official member of Knights.

Important notes

Our review team will ask additional questions. Contacting you does not guarantee your project will be listed;

Knights mandates a strict, one-way NDA at the first point of contact;

Project teams are forbidden from disclosing listing information until we issue our listing announcement. If you are eager to tell your community that you applied to Knights, you can use the image at the top of this article to say you applied to Knights;

If someone claims to have “partnerships” or “listing agreements” with Knights, they are lying or violating their agreement with us, which renders them void, you are a Knight or you are not.

How do you evaluate projects?

There are no set requirements. We want good digital assets listed on Knights, such as coins with a proven team, a useful product, and a large user base.

You should focus on user adoption. You can include the user statistics in the application form to help with our screening;

We evaluate how the team handles difficult situations, even if it is just within their own community;

Do not try to pressure us into listing your coin by spreading FUD or negative comments about Knights, or you will be blacklisted;

How much do you charge for listing fees?

The depends on what services are offered.

  • Market Making
  • Market Making
  • Cryptocurrency Market Makers

Market makers play an important role in increasing the accessibility and liquidity of cryptocurrencies to traders, investors and market participants around the world. Market making is an activity whereby a trader simultaneously provides liquidity to both buyers and sellers in a financial market. Liquidity is the degree to which an asset can be quickly bought or sold without notably affecting the stability of its price.

Our edge has always been our technology

KXCO works with leading cryptocurrency projects and cryptocurrency exchanges and presents KPIs that clearly align with and validate our market-making value proposition with each partner. All trade executions are maintained in our proprietary database and reporting is fully automated and customizable.

KXCO Markets’ institutional grade software suite was built entirely in-house by our developers and is overseen by our team of expert traders.

  • Robust Liquidity – spread and order book KPIs
  • 60+ exchange integrations
  • Deep liquidity provisioning across both centralized and decentralized venues
  • Through a thorough examination of your exchange and trading ecosystem we learn your needs and set achievable goals
  • Our software measures performance on the most granular level, allowing for full visibility and flexibility
  • Daily market reports are available to all trading counterparties
  • Our team has experience trading with established and nascent projects

If you are looking for a trusted market maker to partner with…

What are the benefits of crypto market making?

Markets that have low liquidity will generally have wide bid-ask spreads in their order books that can increase the volatility of the asset. Therefore it makes it more difficult for traders to get a good price for their trade and have their orders filled. The overall liquidity of a market greatly influences its growth, and market makers play a big role in ensuring liquidity. Simply stated, the liquidity of an asset is its availability for buyers and sellers to easily trade it at any given time.

  • Increases market liquidity and order book depth
  • Mitigates dramatic price swings
  • Assists with fair price discovery
  • More efficient bid-ask spreads in cryptocurrency exchange order books
  • More orderly entry and exits points for traders
  • Dramatically reduces slippage
  • Helps accommodate large institutional investors
  • Learn more about market making

"The KXCO team runs their market making operations and client relationships with more professionalism than any other market making firm we have operated with. They are top of their game and it’s been a pleasure to work with them.”


Our proprietary trading platform was designed to navigate issues unique to digital asset markets. We have continuously improved our technology throughout our history, allowing for our exchanges and projects to scale and execute their strategies with the highest level of efficiency.