The KXCO Metaverse is 100% wholly owned by KXCO and entirely development in-house.

KXCO Web3 Development

The KXCO Metaverse is 100% wholly owned by KXCO and entirely developed in-house.

In order to ensure full safety and appropriate use of our KXCO Metaverse, the land will not be broken up and sold as digital assets. Occupants will be given access on a partnership and rental basis only.

Our Metaverse environment will contain a Financial District, Shopping District, Gaming District, University Campus, Entertainment District and have plenty of room for expansion.

The KXCO Metaverse is divided evenly across the 5m KXCO Tokens.

KXCO Tokens holders will be enjoying the returns from the KXCO Metaverse as well as voting on development and future projects.


    We help customers create and operate their new virtual spaces where they can extend, enhance and engage with their users – be they customers, employees, clients or much more.

  • The KXCO Metaverse

    The KXCO Metaverse offerings and tools is designed and produced by teams with extensive experience in game, blockchain and software development – and further enhanced with specialists such as data and behavioral scientists to create tools for industrial, workplace, enterprise and consumer applications.

  • Custom Software Development

    Leveraging the technical skills and deep domain knowledge, the KXCO team produces and delivers next-generation custom solutions for enterprises and start-ups. We have strategized and successfully designed custom technology solutions on technologies, including Cloud, Mobile, Blockchain and IoT. Providing end-to-end custom software development services, we deliver measurable business value.

  • Blockchain Consulting

    Assistance for the transition from the physical to the digital world (e.g. migrating business processes to blockchain for increased security, transparency and cost savings, providing innovative blockchain based NFT ID solutions, improving and speeding up processes, etc.)

  • Blockchain Development

    KXCO helps clients explore every aspect of blockchain infrastructure and adds value to their existing business operations. We have successfully assisted clients in a number of blockchain projects and PoC’s and developed dApps, Ethereum Smart Contracts and Supply Chain Solutions on different blockchain platforms including Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Fabric, Tezos, Stellar, Tron and the KXCO Chain (Armature™).


    Hire our dedicated developers with domain expertise who implement industry best practices and technological excellence to take your business ideas to the next level and convert them into reality.